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The Commercial Group

The Nubo Group works extensively in the commercial marketplace; catering to higher education projects, multi-family dwellings, health care, and retail facilities. Our employees are highly professional and experienced in each of these divisions.
The Nubo Group not only focusses on capital projects, but on your maintenance operations as well.
Nubo will work to support your business on all levels.

Higher Education

Nubo prides itself in professionalism and matches the stringent requirements mandatory to working in a campus environment. We provide higher education clients direct contact lines with our upper level management team. Your project will receive vigilant and active oversight.

Retail Property

Nubo works in all stages of the retail market cycle. We can get in and get out and deliver a blank slate. We will manage and perform maintenance operations while tenants are in place. Nubo can deliver your space to tenant specifications. Let us take care of your needs.

Health Care

Nubo is ready to perform for both the inside and outside of your facility. All aspects of property maintenance and renovations can be performed efficiently and safely to match the requirements of the health care industry.

Multifamily Properties

Nubo excels in all facets of the multifamily industry. From maintenance operations to capital projects; Nubo gets started immediately and provides quick delivery. Your property will be up and running seamlessly.

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